Improve Your English Spelling: Effective Strategies To Learn

Sometimes we can feel like it is indeed too much. Many VCE students at present may be feeling this way. Our friendly and affordable online tutors are still available to give them a boost.

During primary school, one distinct skill for students is spelling. It has been a hot area of debate for decades, but most people now agree that you need both phonic and sight strategies to learn to spell. English is a complex language, so, unsurprisingly, spelling creates unique challenges. The title contains one of the words causing consternation. Which too to use? There are three of them, as with the weather, and the two witches. Phonic strategies will not work with these words, as they all sound the same. Our Best English Tutors are experts at assisting students in sorting out multiple methods for spelling.

The context will delineate which word you want to use. Let us examine the triple two’s for a moment. Students recognise two as a number, and you expect to find it in a setting of small quantities. The contextualisation of two requires a sense of direction. Toward contains to, so can be used as a reminder to indicate both direction and possession. For example, this writing belongs to me, and I am going to the office, which brings me back to it too. Too comes last because it is inclusive. Too belongs in sentences where things are companionable, as a synonym of too is also. We use it too when we want to highlight one main item or event but show another as concurrent. For example, I enjoyed sitting at a café, but I went shopping too. It takes time and effort to separate these, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from one of our local, affordable, best tutoring near Vermont. In-person sessions will be back soon.

The second of the triplets that confuse students is the weather. The most commonly used is the weather, as we regard it daily and decide our clothing accordingly. Here is a memory tool. The first three letters of both wear and weather are the same. What you wear depends upon the weather. The second one indicates that there is a choice to be made with some attached conditions. Whether or not I participate in an event depends upon my skill set, the timing, and the number of people attending. If any one of those conditions is not encouraging, then I may not participate. The third is wether, a castrated male sheep, so it is only likely to be encountered in rural or specialist settings. So, let me put them all together. The safety of the weather depended on whether the shepherd noted the grazier’s warning in the weather forecast. Or, we’ll weather the weather, whether we like it or not. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and affordable English tutors are ready and waiting to help students make sense of these words.

I’ll end today’s post with a doublet of sound. Which witch is which? Which is a question indicating a choice between items, opinions, or objects. For example, which clothes shall I wear to the beach or park? Whereas witch denotes a person who practices magic. Halloween is soon, so there are many charming costumes for witches available. You do not need magic to assist your student with spelling. Read to them, listen to them read, supervise their writing practice and find their favourite colour for writing and memorising. Are they still struggling? Allow our English tuition centre near me to assist you.