Fruition Services

Tuition solutions for learners of:

  • ALL AGES – Age 3 to adult
  • Early Childhood Program – from Age 3
  • Primary School Tuition in all subjects
  • Middle School Tuition in all subjects
  • Secondary Scholl Tuition in all subjects
  • ALL NEEDS – catch up to extension

Early Childhood Programs – from Age 3

  • Pre-kindy and Kindy
  • Prep/Foundation
  • Early primary school years – Year 1 and Year 2
  • Uniquely combines:  spatial skills, numbers, letters, handwriting, phonics – beginner and expanded phonics, word building, reading, spelling, writing and maths
  • Matches the Early Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum
  • Builds automaticity through perfect practice
  • Builds confidence, independence, spatial awareness, conceptual understanding and success for now and for the later years
  • Every child deserves a strong beginning so that learning is a positive, fun experience
  • Colourful and informative take home resources to guide you to consistently support your child’s learning at home

The Basics – individual, multi-sensory programs designed to meet the preferred learning styles and the unique learning needs of your child

  • Maths – spatial skills, number facts, lateral applications and conceptual understanding
  • English – phonics, reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, handwriting
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills are developed through all our learning programs
  • Australian Curriculum
  • Help with Homework – all ages, all needs, all subjects

Middle Schooling

  • Preparation for children entering middle/high school
  • Consolidation of all The Basics, foundational and pre-requisite concepts and skills
  • Study skills workshops
  • Creative writing skills workshops
  • Multi-media workshops

All High School Subjects

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • Humanities and Languages
  • Others upon request

Selective Exam Preparation.

Help your child undertake NAPLAN tests and selective school in your state or SCHOLARSHIP exams with reduced stress!

Is your child worried they might fail upcoming NAPLAN tests?
Is the prospect of facing examinations filling them with dread?
Does your child deserve to benefit from a scholarship but doesn’t think they’re good enough?

Expert, individualised tutoring turns their frustration into success. Fruition Tuition enables your child to prepare for these important examinations with renewed confidence in their ability and empowered to do their personal best. Including subjects mapped to the Australian Curriculum and strategies on how to improve revision and manage the pressure. *English language only.

Workshops on Creative Writing.

Your child’s academic success depends on their ability to express themselves with clarity.

Fruition Tuition’s Creative Writing programs assist your child to write with confidence if:

  • They have a flair for English and want to channel that passion into creativity.
  • They are struggling with English and want to gain confidence in a fun, focused way.

Designed to enhance your child’s skills in the construction of written pieces and improve their understanding of grammar, this program enhances their ability to write for school projects and in their future career.

We also offer tuition programs on English and Grammar.

Fruition Tuition Specialist Individual Learning Courses

  • No ‘conveyor belt’ approach to learning
  • Every learner has unique tuition designed to meet their specific needs
  • We begin with a thorough needs analysis to determine how the learner learns best, the most preferred learning styles, any gaps in their understanding, the causes of those gaps, the most effective learning strategies to use in order to produce significant learning outcomes in the shortest possible timeframe
  • No two courses are the same because no two learners are the same – catch–up to extension, behavioural, age 3 to adult, Maths, English, Science and so much more

Types of services

  • We will recommend the best course of action – one to one, computer based, small group – whatever it takes to switch on the learners’ brain, to make learning fun and to develop conceptual understanding and not just memorising
  • The latest brain science – learning is fun when you experience the power of success
  • Let Fruition Tuition be the change agent to inspire and empower you or your loved one to be all they can be!


Tuition for All ages, All subJects & All needs

To find out more, call your nearest centre on: 1300 (tuition) 884 846