Why choose Fruition Tuition?


At Fruition Tuition, we will provide a tutor who will help build your child’s success and confidence. Every learning program is individualised and tailored to your child’s needs and learning style.

Our tutor will begin by conducting a no-obligation assessment to determine:

  • Preferred learning styles (listening, watching or doing)
  • Strength and growth areas (identify any gaps)
  • The best strategies to achieve success and confidence

We will spend 45 minutes with each learner and 45 minutes with the carer providing you with clear feedback. We will provide you with a:

  • full report
  • brochure describing our Fruition Experience
  • learning styles booklet to better understand how the brain learns best
  • brochure of Fruition Tuition reviews

This will provide you with a clear individualised program to suit the learner’s needs, your time availability and your budget. At Fruition, our mission is to inspire successful learners and support families.

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“Why does my child constantly move or forget information?”

Did you know it’s possible for your child to achieve the correct answers by memorising? For instance, they can do subtraction by starting in the hundreds and still achieve the correct answer. At Fruition, we aim to provide your child with conceptual understanding. In other words, your child should be able to do concepts written in many different ways. This is why children often forget concepts such a timetables or spelling words. For instance, you may find that if you mix up the spelling words in the list, your child might say ‘that’s not the next one, it’s this word”. Your child is memorising the list without understanding or context.

Fruition Tuition specialises in supporting students who learn by moving (tactile/kinaesthetic). Did you know that the kinaesthetic/movement part of the brain actually needs your child to move to help them learn? For instance, your child may fidget, whisper to themselves and forget verbal instructions because they learn by doing. If you then try to stop them from moving, you are slowing their processing as they have to concentrate on sitting still.

Book your free assessment now and we will provide your child with a tutor that helps them reach their true potential. Don’t wait for the report card to tell you what you already suspect at homework time.

We will give your child the gift of SUCCESS and CONFIDENCE!