The Most Stressful Things Adjusting Expectations In Life

Two of the most stressful things in life, in my experience, are adjustments and expectations. The last two years have been full of both. For most people, their expectations of work, school, and socialization have been turned upside down by a microscopic, non-living entity called a virus. As Melbourne begins to reopen for school, retail, and general movement, many are feeling stressed. This is an entirely normal reaction. Despite the stress, local, affordable remote tutoring services have continued.

We must acknowledge the stress. Grief abounds as people have lost jobs, economic security, freedom of movement, and some choices. Families have endured fractured work, online schooling, and housebound children. Congratulations to all who have found the resilience to keep going, growing, and finding new ways of enjoying ourselves. Online tutoring has enabled students and tutors alike to develop new technological skills.

As we return to face-to-face learning, more stress is on the way. Fatigue will be part of the package. We must learn afresh how to navigate the morning rush hour, traffic, and transport. Not everyone will be comfortable with being in a large group again, while others will relish it. Both are normal responses. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ response to stress. What we expect of ourselves during this reverse transition matters. Delays, friction, and a sense of going backward may happen, and we must allow these. Our mental agility and health depend on it. Our local, affordable tutors are wonderfully flexible.

Mental health and agility depend upon what input our brains receive. Our mind is more than our brain, as we can choose what information we receive and concentrate on. Negative, fear and anger-inducing media do nothing to improve the situation. Trawling social media sites creates dissatisfaction, as the algorithms deliberately confront you with plenteous comparisons, thus ensuring that you buy whatever to improve your lack. Governments have taken drastic action to control a deadly microorganism, thereby outraging some and paralyzing others. If I were to look at these things all day, I would become ill quickly. However, I choose not to dwell on case numbers or social media. I’ve fought for and found the funny, whimsical, natural, and beautiful on which to concentrate. Moments of heroism and altruism fill me with hope. So, may I encourage you to choose what you allow to fill the emotional atmosphere of your home? Find the good, ask your tutor to help you find it if necessary. Part of tutoring is a positive outlook, encouraging the best in our students.

Optometrists are among many expounding the benefits of people spending a minimum of two hours per day outside. It is healthy for our eyes and our mental health to have ‘green’ time. The rhythms of the natural world continue unabated. Let them teach you and your students. Another beneficial activity is deliberately and purposefully doing something for someone else. While you are focusing on someone or something else, your perspective on your situation changes. Life-affirming hormones are released, strengthening well-being and immunity. Academic performance improves as students develop resilience. Our local, affordable Tuition Centre Epping awaits your call for assessment and assistance.

I want to congratulate all our Fruition Tuition team for their adjustments and commitment during this time. It requires dedication, creativity, and patience. Let us continue to be patient and kind with ourselves, our students, and their loved ones as we ease back into face-to-face tutoring. Tutors love acronyms, and I will finish with one. Let us remember that TEAM means Together, Everyone, Achieves, More.