Secondary Stimulus Package

The best stimulus for learning is curiosity. I enjoy watching small children at play, marveling at their enthusiasm for small details and their ability to let their imagination fly free. Sadly, formal schooling often strips that curiosity, replacing it with a set curriculum, formulae, and assessments. It doesn’t surprise me that within a short time, students need the assistance of a tutor. A tutor will stimulate both curiosity and commendable study habits.

secondary school students face multitudinous choices from year ten onwards. Pressure to perform increases monthly, and they need to decide on a career path. Students often select subjects influenced by the possible ATAR score for a particular course. Not all students are destined for university, and it is unwise to pressure students interested in non-academic fields to pursue academic excellence. What is necessary for a middle-school student is competence in both written and oral communication alongside general mathematics. Every workplace requires people who can ask for and receive directions, report on the progress of a project or task, and manage a small budget. If a middle-school student cannot do these simple tasks, I suggest an appointment for an assessment at one of our local tutors in Epping.

Once a student chooses an academic pathway, the stimulus for achievement lies in the subject areas. What better incentive to perform in mathematics than to imagine perfecting an algorithm or engineering a solution to a problem? Encourage a student to conceptualize the application, and it provides an edge to their learning. It is not a waste of time for them to daydream about an outcome related to their chosen field. Many medical students dream of taking health and medicine to an underdeveloped part of the world. Before they can, they must achieve all that goes before; a powerful stimulus indeed! Similarly, if a student has such a motivator (stimulus) and encounters problems in achieving the grades required, they are more likely to ask for help. When they do, our knowledgeable, friendly, and top-of-the-class tutoring Epping are ready and waiting. All you need to do is pick up the phone or visit the website.

Biology is a science that looks closely at a variety of stimuli. Chemical signals and electrical impulses make our nervous system work. Chemical stimuli keep our body functioning and in perfect balance most of the time. In the plant world, chemical stimuli ensure plant survival. Plants and animals both secrete hormones, pheromones, and other signals that secure the survival and continuation of the species. It is a vast subject, made more complex by terminology that links to ancient Latin and Greek. It is not uncommon for a student to stumble over the terms. Our science tutors can help by teaching a student how to recognize familiar forms, learn root words and their suffixes and prefixes. Not that dissimilar to tutoring in English

As for that elusive ATAR score; A wise principal once told a group of students to choose subjects they enjoyed. VCE is a high-pressure two-year journey. Enjoying the subjects that you choose gives you an edge to continue performing over the period. Some people value some subjects more highly for their weighting; however, that strategy will not be successful if you dislike your topic. It is far better to forego the weighting and excellently perform at what you enjoy. Remember this; an ATAR is only a number, not your identity. Our tutors are always available to help you achieve your best in whatever subject you need.