The attention they deserve!

The value of personalised tutoring tuned to your child’s needs.

In a busy classroom, your child may not be receiving the individual attention they require. It is hard for teachers to have extended time with every student in their class. Your child might require addition explanations about a particular topic. Conversely, they may be grasping the subject so well they could benefit from additional challenges to maintain their interest. Each student has a different capacity to understand the subject or manage the application of the processes required for that subject.

Children feel enormous pressure from competition with other students. This may be self-imposed or be the philosophy of the educational facility they attend. If your child feels they are constantly being assessed with other students, they can become overwhelmed. The best competitor for your child is themself. Where competition brings out the best in your child is when they take on a strategy of constantly improving their personal best for each subject. This builds their confidence in their abilities and allows your child to feel proud of their accomplishments. Helping your child learn how to acknowledge themselves is not encouraging boasting or conceit. It frees them from having to seek the approval of others in order to feel good about themselves.

One-on-one attention allows your child to:

  • Map their personal progress effectively.
  • Explore subjects more deeply.
  • Learn what they enjoy doing.
  • Practice any areas that need strengthening.
  • Fosters self-confidence.

At Fruition Tuition, we understand the importance of providing expert tutoring on a one-to -one basis.  Expert tutors using programs based around each individual. Give them the expert education you expect, and they deserve! To find out more information, give us a call on 1300 (tuition) 884846 or make an enquiry via: