Importance of Private Tutor in Student Life

The minimalist movement runs on the title principle, helpful in a world bombarded with constant advertising suggesting that you must have more to be someone. To be content is an art form that requires a keen sense of self, a commitment to do what is necessary, and an eye for detail. Private tutors possess these qualities, encouraging students to develop them for excelling in academia.

Advertising preys on people’s insecurities, and people fall for it. All of us have desires, dreams and hopes that are just beyond our current situation. Students face demands for performance that are seemingly beyond them. Those who have a keen sense of self, good study habits and plenty of support will do well. Those who are weak in any one of those areas may struggle. Tutoring support from friendly, local and affordable tutors can put sound structures into place.

A multitasking myth abounds in society. Psychologists and others have proven that you can’t concentrate on more than one thing at a time. Parents excel at time management, with many concurrent tasks on the go, but that is not multitasking. Students need to learn this. It is not advisable to have too many jobs waiting, nor for there to be distractions, overt noisy environments, nor unmanageable time pressure. One good habit is to dedicate a place and a time for doing homework. Schedule it in and create an atmosphere that invites cooperation and achievement. Discipline will be required while establishing the routine; it becomes a habit that generates its own reward once established. Our remote tutors, during a lockdown, assist students in this. Let us provide a secure, regular appointment with your student to create the habit of study.

The environment in which a student works will vary according to personal preference. However, good habits and outcomes are unlikely if the area is cluttered, airless, smelly or otherwise uninviting. At present, this is a challenge in Melbourne due to our limited access to locations other than home. Cabin fever is real but learning to deal with limitations is a part of the journey toward resilience. Grab hold of your courage, take leadership of the situation, and create dedicated areas for specific purposes. One of which is study, reading and writing. Ensure that it has good ventilation, consistent temperature and all the equipment required for completing tasks. If that does not produce good habits, you may consider contacting one of our local tuition centres for an assessment and assistance.

One of the challenges of remote learning is the amount of required screen time. Scholars have noted that eye fatigue, image clarity and focus on facial images can create problems for students. Our private tutoring Bentleigh is not immune to these problems. Limiting non-essential screen time may be helpful. Students may object strongly at times because pleasure-inducing chemicals created by some sites stimulate their brains. Outside play is an excellent antidote to screen fatigue. Using large muscle groups by walking, riding, gymnastic twists and turns, or any other physical activity in the fresh air will assist your student. Deep breathing helps clear the mind, and exercise creates good blood flow and cross-brain communication for balance and coordination. Using multisensory processes, tutors use large muscle groups to reinforce sounds and letters in early childhood learning.

Last is the importance of ensuring that a student has a secure sleeping place, preferably with no electronics. Good sleep hygiene involves routine, quiet, reduced lighting and consistency. Studies show that a consistent get-up time produces a regular bedtime. Sleep is known for improving brain function, mood and academic performance. While our tutors cannot create bedtime routines for you, they can assist your student in developing good study routines.