Charli’s Journey


It is a pleasure to introduce another North Lakes Fruition Super Stars, Charli.

In less than a year, Charli has caught up on 4 years of learning in reading/comprehension and 5 years in spelling! Charli has gained confidence in her ability to undertake more challenging tasks and her achievements reflect the wonderful effort she puts in at each session. Charli also attended on the school holidays which allowed her to catch up whilst the learning at school takes a break. Part of Charli’s success is also the dedication of her family to ensure she attends regularly as consistency is a key factor in reaching any goals.

It’s been wonderful to help Charli towards her learning goals and we look forward to helping her achieve even greater things. After catching up to her current year level the school work will continue to get more challenging for Charli as she progresses in her schooling. To assist with this Charlie will now be commencing the Fruition Maintenance phase of her program. This will enable Charli to stay on top of her current year level of learning and ensure she builds a solid understanding of the concepts and skills required.

To Charli we say a great, big CONGRATULATIONS and also our thanks to her parents for entrusting Fruition North Lakes with Charli’s learning journey.

Happy Child with Excellent Report Card - North Lakes Tutors

Responding to report cards – North Lakes Tutors

Once again it is report card season. It’s a time that can bring a smile to your child’s face while creating significant anxiety for another. Regardless of how they are received, report cards are an unavoidable part of your child’s school life and are a valuable tool in assessing and planning for student’s success. Finding the best tutors for your child can be crucial. Our local North Lakes tutors provide our students with success and confidence.

Furthermore, it is important to make the most of your child’s report card to sustain good results and to make improvements for next time. If the gaps are beginning to show, it may be time to support your child with a tutor.

Try these strategies to make the most of the report card:

  • Always look on the bright side. If the academic grades are not what you had hoped for, look at the comments regarding effort and behaviour. Praise your child for the efforts that have been made.
  • Talk rather than react. Take the time to talk with your child and ask questions. How have they been coping in class and did they feel prepared for the assessment task? If effort and behaviour were less than satisfactory and you feel as thought express your disappointment and discuss why.
  • Review the homework routine. Homework reflects work that is being completed in class and provides an opportunity for you to monitor progress. Ensure your child has an allocated time and place to complete set tasks, and make yourself available to answer questions and examine the quality of work.
  • Set goals. While results on the current report card can’t be changed, the next report is yet to be written. Discuss with your child what they are hoping to achieve in the New Year and set realistic goals that enable this to transpire.
  • The Best North Lakes Tutors. At Fruition, we will determine your child’s strength and growth areas, preferred learning style and the best strategies for success. We will then create an individualised learning program for your child. Act now and book a tutor at Fruition Tuition North Lakes.

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