School Holiday Courses

Why choose Fruition Tuition?

Fruition Tuition recognizes that no two students are the same. This means that in your local Fruition Tuition centre, there will be no two learning sessions that are the same.

We begin by understanding how the learner learns best, their strengths and growth areas, the causes of any gaps we discover, and the best learning strategies to use. After identifying the preferred learning styles, it is our job to adjust our strategies and processes accordingly, to optimise the results for each learner.

School Holiday Writing Workshop

Conceptual Understanding

At Fruition we teach with conceptual understanding. Information learned with conceptual understanding is frequently stored in the long term memory. The opposite is also true – information that is simply memorised through repetition is more likely to be stored in short term memory only.

School Holiday Programs

Early Childhood Program – catch up on Foundation concepts!

Get ready for Prep/Kindergarten/Reception/First Year (the title depends on which state you are in) – Give your child a flying start.

Intensive Catch – Up Course – All ages, All needs, All subjects.

Writing Course – Brush up on the basics, from sentence structure to narrative and persuasive writing

Study Skills Course – Learning Styles, Mind Mapping, Exam Tips, and so much more.

* terms and conditions apply. Ask your local Fruition Learning centre for more details.

School Holidays Tutoring Program

  • For example: please call between 2pm and 8pm


Tuition for All ages, All subJects & All needs

To find out more, call your nearest centre on: 1300 (tuition) 884 846