Foundational Aspect Of Reading And Writing

Everyone I know respects and emulates leaders who show integrity and honor. When it comes to education and learning, the same process applies. Our students (children, classes or clients) will respond better if we show them by example during our instruction. Two vital areas for this care are reading and writing. Our local and affordable English Tutors follow well-established patterns and are experts at demonstrating the behaviors and processes that bring results.

Reading starts with listening. Small children love hearing stories read, hence the development of the bedtime story. It is both an attentive and instructive exercise. The human ear is tuned for the human voice, so a career reading aloud to a child instils rhythm, cadence, expression and pronunciation, almost by osmosis. The more they hear and receive the attention that reading brings, the more they absorb and are more likely to pursue reading as a pleasure activity. As they get older, you can sit with them and point out the words and the pictures, building associations between the sound and symbol, a foundational aspect of reading. It is a simple bonding activity that brings great rewards.

Formal education relies upon the recognition of sound and symbols. Once established, children begin the process of comprehension and meaning-making with the written word. Books that have hidden characters in either the margin or pictures encourage attention to detail. (Where’s Wally and The Waterhole are good examples.) Demonstrate reading for pleasure and gathering information. Make games out of spotting words in advertising or on a shopping trip. A child who is hesitant to read or finds it difficult will benefit from assessment and tutoring at one of our local and affordable Fruition Tuition Centers.

Writing follows reading as it assumes an understanding of symbols being carriers of meaning. There are symbols to learn, practice and execute, with a host of grammar rules to absorb. Here is where exemplars must be diligent in working with integrity. It is hard for a child to learn the difference between a proper and common noun. Which one has a capital letter, and which one doesn’t? The answer is simple, common nouns don’t, and proper nouns do. Incorrectly written sight words complicate the issue. It is best to copy things by hand in lower case letters to avoid automatic formatting errors. Add colour appropriate to the child’s visual preference to assist in multisensory uptake. Family noticeboards and notes on birthdays or in lunchboxes encourage early writing skills. If possible, and within confidentiality bound, allow your students to see how you write emails and memos. Let them correct your spelling or grammar as you write. It will reinforce their learning. If your student is struggling with any aspect of writing, our skilled english tutors will gladly assist. Why not call for an assessment?

Reading and writing are not quick skills to master, requiring time, energy and frequent practice. It is this slowness that creates some struggles. Time pressure is real. We all have the same number of minutes in the day, but the demands on our time and priorities differ. Using screens too early interrupts the process of learning. Students must also learn the art of proofreading and editing their work. In the long term, their academic performance will benefit. Our friendly, approachable and affordable tutors are always ready to assist students who lack these skills.