What is NAPLAN?


NAPLAN (National Assessment Plan, Literacy and Numeracy) is a program overseen by the Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and “provides the measure through which governments, education authorities and schools can determine whether or not young Australians are meeting important educational outcomes.” (nap.edu.au) It is part of Australia’s participation in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), and happens yearly for students in years 3, 5, 7 & 9. A private tutor works to support the student as they learn and prepare.

What’s involved?

Fruition Tuition is a private tutoring service that supports learners mainly in their primary years of schooling. So, for the remainder of these blogs, I will concentrate on preparing students in grades 3 and 5.
For some families, the mention of the word test or assessment creates an atmosphere of fear, for others it causes no response, and for the high achievers, it unleashes a highly competitive streak. It does not matter which group you identify with, preparing for NAPLAN starts with understanding how it works. Out tutors at Fruition Tuition understand what, and how to prepare.


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What is the purpose of the NAPLAN tests?

Studying for NAPLAN

NAPLAN testing occurs in four main areas; three of which are literacy based, and one numeracy. Literacy is an overall term covering reading, comprehension, grammar, spelling and writing. The best preparation for these tests is to concentrate on the basics of literacy. Early learning happens in the home, but a private tutor supports this by consolidating skills and providing extra structure.

Reading Preparation

Reading and comprehension begin, simply by hearing and identifying pictures, words, and sound. Paying attention to detail is vital. As students’ progress, the test looks for different areas of interpretation and understanding from different types of text. Text can include letters, stories, poems, emails, recipes, directions for arriving at, a destination, and information about topics of interest. A private tutor will provide materials and help focus attention.

Conventions of Language Preparation

Language conventions is the title given to the test that covers all things grammar, spelling and punctuation related. It is not enough to know a series of sight words; you must be able to use them correctly. Grammar itself is a broad subject and our friendly, reliable tutors are always ready to sort out where the commas go, how to identify a misspelt word, a command from a question, plus more.

Writing Preparation

Writing involves creating characters, using an object, setting a scene, and developing an idea fluently. A key ingredient in grades 3 and 5 writing is an active, lively imagination. Writing can be fun, but it is also a lot of work to make your thoughts flow together in a way that entertains, informs, or persuades a reader to do something differently. A private tutor can facilitate a student’s skill in forming ideas, creating characters, scenes and then making an idea flow from beginning to end.

Are you concerned about your child’s NAPLAN performance?

What is the purpose of the NAPLAN tests?

The NAPLAN tests are intended to determine the literacy and numeracy skills of students in similarity to their peers in the same year group. Since school children sit the NAPLAN tests every two years from Years 3 to 9, it can be applied as a rough sign of a student’s progress in literacy and numeracy.

Schools also use NAPLAN scores to assess how efficient their educational program is. In declaring that, NAPLAN results are not used to choose admission into school or further education.


Is NAPLAN a paper-based test?

As of Year 2022, most schools will carry out the NAPLAN tests online, rather than through the usual paper-based method. The only part of NAPLAN that will yet be achieved on paper is the Year 3 writing test.

In late March/early April prior to the NAPLAN testing period in May, learners will have the chance to do exercise tests on the online platform to themselves with the subject matter and presentation of NAPLAN Online.


When is NAPLAN held?

NAPLAN test is conducted every year in April – May. Note that learners will only be welcomed to join in if they are in Years 3, 5, 7 or 9 in that year. One of the pros of NAPLAN online tests is that students can hook up on any skipped tests during the 9-day assessment. That indicates that if your child is not suffering well or can’t go to some of their tests for whatever cause, they will have the opportunity to meet these exams later in the review window.


Enroll your child for NAPLAN Tuition

If you are interested in NAPLAN test tutoring for your child, feel free to contact us for assessment today. We have customized learning program to meet the requirements of your child so they can achieve their prospective. We also help students to practice NAPLAN tests to boost confidence, speed, and precision. Our students make continue progress as we offer a caring environment with constant feedback.

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