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Private Tutoring Mernda 

Fruition Tuition have experienced tutors provide one-on-one and group lessons to suit our students’ learning needs. We have tutors that service a range of locations across Tutoring Mernda, so whether you’re looking for private tuition, lessons at home, online, you’re sure to find a right tutor that suits you.

All of our tutors in Mernda retain a Working with Children Check and undergo training, giving you comprehensive assurance that you’re appealing a tutor who is experienced and trusted.

We have tutors available to teach English, maths, science, physics, economics, and more. No matter what subject you want help with, you’ll find the best tutors in Mernda with Fruition Tuition.

Phone: 03 8457 7158

110 Cooper St, Epping VIC 3076

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Early Childhood Program

Every child deserves a strong beginning, so that learning is a positive, fun experience. The program uniquely combines:  spatial skills, numbers, letters, handwriting, phonics – beginner and expanded phonics, word building, reading, spelling, writing and maths.
Our Early Childhood Program for students around Mernda is for children from:

Age 3 onwards

  • Pre-kinder and Kinder
  • Prep and Foundation years
  • Early primary school years (Year 1 & 2)

The Program builds:

  • Automatically through perfect practice
  • Confidence, independence, spatial awareness, conceptual understanding and success for now and for the later years

Primary School Tutoring near Mernda

Our primary school tutoring is an after-school program for Stages 2 and 3 (Year 3-6). Our in-house program assists students to improve their skill to make educated decisions, connect well with others, ask questions, and solve difficulties to reach complex learning results across subjects.

Students will improve self-confidence to utilize useful approaches to various learning resources to help them in school tests and assessments as they move to high school.

When it comes to primary school tutoring, we don’t simply focus on teaching English or Maths, but provide a general approach to students’ academic and passionate well-being. Positive education environment take the lead to academic success.

  • Maths, Science and English Tutoring
  • Right tutor for your child
  • A written progress report at the end of each lesson

Secondary School Tutoring near Mernda

Students often find the transition from primary school to be difficult and suddenly struggle with the increased workload, expectations and independence thrust upon them. Others are getting average marks, but want to improve further. Senior students usually want to boost their grades to help their OP (Overall Position).
We will provide assistance usually in the form of traditional one-to-one tutoring, however, some students also benefit from a review of foundational concepts using the computer software.

  • Maths, Science and English Tuition (Other subjects are also available by request)
  • Right tutor for your child
  • Quarterly progress report for each learner


Year 11 and year 12 could be very stressful for some students. With the pressure building to that score, which you were aiming for to get into the preferred course for the University of your choice.

We have specialised Tutors at our Centre near Mernda at this level to brush up your skills, address the gaps and excel you to achieve desired ATAR. Extensive practice on exams from previous years.

Subjects we can, we assist you with:

  • English
  • Math – Ext. 1 and 2
  • General Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology

(Other subjects are also available by request)

Tutoring options!

One-on-one Tutoring

Fruition Tuition offers private, one-on-one tutoring to students of all ages and grade levels. All our tutors are well- highly educated and well-versed in the local school area curriculum that your child is learning in class. Benefits of one-on-one tutoring include:

  • Personalized attention to your child’s learning needs
  • All Subjects- Early, Primary, Middle, and secondary school
  • Lessons can be tailored by the tutor to suit your child’s learning style
  • A comfy environment where students can ask questions without feel uncomfortable or fearful of being judged by their colleagues.

Online Tutoring Classes

Our Online tuition platform is designed for learners who are not able to attend to our Centre either during COVID-19 lock-downs or due to physical distance from the centre. We believe that every learner should be given equal access to best resources and guidance to excel in their studies. Fruition systems are followed in all Online sessions.

  • Qualified tutor for each learner
  • One-on-one individualised learning
  • Flexible and Fixed Time-table options

Small Group Tuition Classes

After a thorough Needs Analysis, student is placed in an appropriate small group (not more than 4 students/group). A qualified tutor is assigned to each group, who acts as a mentor, providing encouragement, direction and challenge to bring out the best in your child.

  • From Primary school leaners (Year 1 to Year 6)
  • Maths, Science and English Tuition
  • Right tutor for your child
  • Quarterly progress report for each learner
  • Discounted fee

Selective School preparation and Homework Club

Our qualified and experienced tutors will work with your child for the preparation of selective school examination for independent schools.

This program is for students in year 7 who are getting ready to take the challenge for selective schools’ exams for year 8. This is an extensive program requiring 100% commitments at Trial Test and weekly classes (minimum 2hrs/week).  Online and face-to-face options are available.

If you find it daunting to assist your child with school homework due to busy work commitments, our Homework Club is the best solutions for you. The program is only available for Primary school learners.

Homework tasks do present a very real challenge for many learners and for busy families and therefore seek for assistance.

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