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Why choose Fruition Tuition?

At Fruition, there are no two learning programs the same because no two learners are the same! We provide local tutors to give your child success and confidence.

We begin by understanding how the learner learns best, their strengths and growth areas, the causes of any gaps we discover, and the best learning strategies to use. After identifying the preferred learning styles, it is our job to adjust our strategies and processes accordingly, to optimise the results for each learner.

These courses can then be delivered as both one to one courses or in a small group with other students. We will provide a recommendation of which method will suit your child based on their learning styles and habits.

Local Tutors

Conceptual Understanding with Local Tutors

At Fruition we teach with conceptual understanding. Information learned with conceptual understanding is frequently stored in the long term memory. The opposite is also true – information that is simply memorised through repetition is more likely to be stored in short term memory only. Our local tutors are trained and experienced in providing your child with a real world understanding of the concepts.

We are so happy to introduce our specialised courses:

Maths Hotspot Course – addition, subtraction, times tables and division
Early Childhood Course – spatial skills, letters, numbers, handwriting, phonics and reading
Intensive Catch-Up Course – Individually designed for each child based on their needs
Writing Course – vocabulary, sentences, grammar, punctuation, narrative and persuasive writing
Study Skills Course – learning styles, mind mapping, exam tips, memory techniques and study habits
Reading Course (Beginner, Advanced and Accelerated) – comprehension – literal and Inferential
Homework Support – current homework and assignments
NAPLAN and Scholarship Preparation – numeracy, literacy, study skills and exam tips

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