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Free Australian Curriculum Tests

All tests have questions that are aligned to the Australian Curriculum standard for each year level.

Did you know not all schools are aligned to the Australian Curriculum? Your child’s report card may be aligned to the school’s curriculum and not the Australian Curriculum.

This is because some schools are interpreting the curriculum and determining what they believe is appropriate content for that year level.

This can be problematic when your child goes to high school or moves to another school. We have seen some children shift immediately from a B at their previous school to a D in their new school.

Your child can also be working on different content to other children and the Australian Curriculum. They may have foundational concepts that are missing. This makes the harder versions of this concept very difficult to learn.

  1. Do not guide your child.
  2. Do not give them other examples as the test is designed to determine if they can answer the question in an unfamiliar manner. This ensures that your child has conceptual understanding.
  3. Write the maths questions on a blank piece of paper exactly as they are written.
  4. Read the spelling words aloud and ask your child to write them down on the paper.
  5. Read the sentence aloud and ask your child to write it down. (Year 1 – Year 4)
  6. Write the sentences on the paper and ask your child to follow the instruction listed. (Year 4 – Year 7)
  7. Regardless of current year level, start your child at the prep test and move forward to each subsequent year level.
  8. If you find that your child is in Year 4 for example, but cannot answer the Year 1 or Year 2 questions, it means there may be gaps in the foundational concepts.
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Prep Year

Prep Year – Answers

Preparation Program

Year 1

Year 1 Tutor

Year 1 – Answers

Year 1 study

Year 2

Year 2 study Program

Year 2 – Answers

Year 2 Study

Year 3

Study Year 3 Program

Year 3 – Answers

Year 3 Study Program

Year 4

Study Year 4

Year 4 – Answers

Year 4 Study

Year 5

Study Year 5 Program

Year 5 – Answers

Year 5 Study Program

Year 6

Year 6 Tutor

Year 6 – Answers

Year 6 Study Program

Year 7

What You Expect!

Year 7 – Answers

Check What You Expect!


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