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Sherrin and Greg on discipline in classrooms

Following two articles in The Australian concerning discipline in classrooms and the detrimental effects on the learning environment, Sherrin Gugenberger and Greg Cary discuss different approaches to learning, how various ways children learn and how schools can provide optimum environment for children to learn, regardless of their individual learning style.



Sherrin and Greg on behaviour in schools

GREG: This is an issue we've talked about for a long time, isn't it? Discipline in schools, the extra pressure on teachers, the extra pressure on the other students who are behaving. You know it's harder for them to learn when there's a minority of students not behaving. So now the government's trying to do something about it. Do you think they're going down the right road?

SHERRIN: I think that it is a really brave move to start to regain some of the control that needs to happen inside schools so that we can help children make wiser choices about their behaviour. When there is no consequence for behaviour, there is no penalty that costs them in some way, then why would you think that it's not serious enough to change your behaviour?


Sherrin and Greg on Early Schooling - 18 March 2013

GREG: A couple of interesting stories: Helen says, “I watched the 60 Minutes report, ‘Holding Them Back’ “and says, “I was very interested to hear the latest research suggest that if you send your children to school too early, they may never catch up. And that if they leave school too young, they will experience the pressure of their peers to drink underage and other pressures they may be not mature enough to handle.” Since I’d be keen to what Sherrin Gugenberger says about that. I respect her opinion. It is something we’ve talked about in the past, Helen, and I think it’s fair to say attitudes are probably changing.

SHERRIN: Good morning, Greg.

GREG: Yeah, that was an interesting piece last night. It is something you and I have talked about down the years. Holding your children back so they’re a little older or getting them into school younger. I think maybe going back 10, 20 years, even more, the idea was to get them in younger if possible, but that’s changing, isn’t it?


Sherrin and Greg on Increasing Violence in Schools

Greg: Monday we talked to the President of the teachers union, Kevin Bates on students out of control, throwing chairs swearing abusing teachers, we’ve heard that kind of stuff before I’ve replayed a little chat I had with a young teacher Daniele who had a student threaten her with a machete. So we’ve lost about six hundred million dollars In compensation given to teachers who have been injured by students it’s crazy, Kevin Bates also told us violence in communities increases and that’s then reflected in the schoolroom. It’s interesting to read this morning a classroom brawl between students at an all-girl school teachers and students struggled to contain the violence the principal of St. Patricks in Townsville confirmed that physical altercation had occurred between two students, our education analysts Sherrin Gugenberger from FRUITION TUITION is there, Hey Sherrin.


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